A great pot of soup

Good evening all,

Sharon, made a great pot of soup for lunch. Her help is much appreciated. A neighbour chipped in with 25 loaves of bread for the cause. x.

I didn’t post last night because Mishca fiddled with the laptop and it was on the blink, but thankfully is now back in service. So, she had my phone for “studying” purposes, however, she apparently was viewing dancing and singing on TikTok most of the time.

She is writing a test tomorrow, and if she doesn’t do well we shall give her, her marching orders ;).

God is Most Beneficent, Most Merciful and to Him belongs all that is in the heavens and on the earth.

Bless you all. x.

Good night.

P.S. The wind in the Cape this evening threatens to blow off rooves.

“Wat is die storie nou, my kind?”

Good evening all,

A handful of the kids are really fond of their old Pang.  And, there are a few, who enjoy sharing allll the latest happenings in their little lives with me. A case in point is 7 year old, Simone ( which incidentally means “to be heard/ hear or listen”).

Her demeanor when she darted around the corner this morning, looking around all conspiratorially, lead me to believe that I was about to receive – BREAKING NEWS -.
No one else was around so, as I filled her bowl with porridge, I raised an eyebrow and asked questioningly,

Wat is die storie nou, my kind?“.

She asked breathlessly, “Het Pang geweet my pa is in die tronk!?“.

Hu-uh, my kind! Hoekom!?“, I asked feigning absolute shock.

Want hy is ‘n skelm, Pang!”, she stated flatly and with absolute conviction.

Ja man, maar wat het hy gedoen?“, I asked whilst knocking the metal spoon against the inside of the pot to remove any excess porridge with more vigour than usual. 

In die nag het hy die boer se groente gaan steel – toe vang die boer vir hom OP DIE KAMARA!”, she stated in a way that had me believing that deep down she thought the farmer to be most clever, whilst her dad most “dom”.

Simone, is a really sharp little girl.

“My word!“, I said. And, continued, “En wat se jou ma?”.

To which she replied, “My ma se sy mis nie vir hom nie, en hy kan gerus daar bly!”.


The ladies made chicken akni for lunch which drew all and sundry. It was really top drawer. Tiny Kirsten came to the gate and I couldn’t resist giving him a size 1-2 t-shirt from, Pippa. He was too cute.

We sent some chicken chunks and chicken necks to Hanover Park, where our brother always makes sure the hungry eat. x.

May God bless us all.

Thank you as always. x.

Stars all of you!

Good evening all,

Pippa, had us all crying today. Schalk, from Avontuur Estate, dropped off two bags of clothing – bags of love – for our little ones. Pippa’s, beautiful gesture and the smell of all the spanking new items got me shedding a tear. The children, those that are most in need, are going to love that smell – them possessing new clothing is such a rare occurrence.

When the ladies returned from Pick ‘n Pay and saw the array all laid out it all degenerated into a beautiful bawling contest. Thank you and bless you, lovely lady. x.

Another good friend of the needy, from the beginning, Diveshen Vayapuri, sent yet another donation this afternoon. Thank you and bless you our brother. x. 

Also, another deposit of a donation was made – I’m not sure who from as the reference stated no more than the word “Sunshine” – bless you. x.

Stars all of you. x.


Fazlin, although extremely busy with her own consultancy work, is doing a wonderful job for the community. And, God Willing, I see all her tireless efforts, and bundles of e-mail correspondence paying off. Here’s an update on what she’s focusing on…

In the coming months, we hope to escalate our operations to ensure that we not only address the immediate needs of informal settlements in the Phillippi Horticultural Area (PHA), but tackle some of the deep social and economic challenges which give rise to food insecurity.

This includes skills development and the establishment of a social enterprise (centred around sewing), a media centre (with coding training being offered to the youth), and an ECD centre.

As such, we are currently developing our theory of change which will serve both as our vision, for what we seek to achieve, as well as a roadmap for that change to come.


God is Great, and I’m convinced our ladies will be guided to approach those who will be willing to assist this community. We’ve already received some very positive responses.

Breakfast, lunch and late afternoon sandwiches went just like we like it – all gone.

I’ve been working on the recipients of that wonderful clothing this evening. And these two (from the farm) – Mary and June – are definitely on the list. x.

God’s richest Blessings to you all. 

Much love. x.

Can I get a cupcake?

Good evening all,

Handing out four cupcakes was never a good idea. Wasn’t five minutes before a girl, after collecting her porridge, asked so sweetly, “Can I get a cupcake?”. So, we had to make up for it which we did most successfully!

We got some rolls and made a beans and polony smoortjie (I refrained from peeling all that butternut fearing for my digits. But perhaps shall try tomorrow). The rain was incessant throughout the day and kept many away.

However, that was not the case with loads of intrepid children, who braved the inclement weather to collect their treats. 

And, across the courtyard, one still remains. Notching up her fourth successive night of sleeping over, a record succession. And, for good reason too, but tonight she, God Willing, will sleep warm, safe and peacefully. Good night Mishca. x.

Goodnight all.
Thank you as always. x.

God is the Greatest. To Him belongs all the Glory and the Praise.

Don’t stop it coming! Bless you. x.

Good evening all,

Tomorrow, is not an everyday function for us. Sunday, God Willing, will be a day of enjoyment for the children, and a memorable Women’s Day for some of the ladies from the community. 

Last night, I stated how valued all your prayers, good wishes, and positivity are. We do not differentiate between financial and spiritual support in importance. Because as, we have mentioned before, we see the affect of the latter, daily…

This morning, just before we would have set off to purchase R500 worth of chicken for the akni, we were donated an entire sheep :).

Being a busy day with all the preparations for tomorrow, organising lunch was the last thing we had any appetite for. We settled on just making sandwiches. But at 11:00 with no prior notification, Invisible Hands, brought us a 100l pot of noodles – which feed the people for the entire day and into the night.

All your support, through God’s Good Grace, is wonderful. It is akin to a huge beautiful, wondrous, and humbling jigsaw puzzle -with all the pieces perfectly falling into place.

Don’t stop it coming! Bless you. x.

We hired some chairs and tables (unfortunately, not enough tables – an error on my behalf, but we shall make do). And purchased cold drinks for the ladies.

Rain is forecast for tomorrow, however, we shall not fret about that because it is a Mercy from the Almighty. Rain or shine it is full steam ahead!

The lists of those invited (all the children) have been compiled and completed. As of writing, our ladies, are frying burgers and preparing the meat.

Thank you all so much.

God is the Greatest.

“We going to Hollywood..”

Good evening all,

Due to the bite in the air I was informed, early morning, that my sandwich making services would no longer be required. Instead, the lunchtime menu would now be a serving of soup.

So, with my usual flair ,I took to peeling. This all whist the ladies found, Lucy, some items she fancied.

The awesome party packs, compliments of Hollywood Bets, arrived and with it came x100 masks. Zaid, was left grinning from ear to ear with yet more gifts. He really  has been spoilt. It all just became too exciting when he saw the Hollywood crew’s car – “It’s Hollywood Bets, Pang…“, he mouthed in wonder at the vehicle.

Overjoyed by the proceedings, he was in full “Uncle Fester” mode for the photo. Thank you Hollywood for making his day…Those same party packs made a12yr old girl cry, but they were tears of happiness. x.

She is a child you haven’t been introduced to yet, but will be on Sunday because it is after all her day. She is our 💗

I pray that just a sliver of all the joy I witnessed today can reach us all. x.

The ladies make a wonderful pot of soup.

You just have to ask the children…”Hoe is Pang se sop, kinders?“, I asked expectantly. “Baie lekker, Pang!”, they answered whilst tucking in. “Hoe lekker?” I persisted.

Obviously tired of my questioning, whilst eating, and without any prodding , they responded by other means – in a way that they knew I would most approve. 

Thank you all for everything. x.

May we all be blessed.

God is the Greatest.

“En keppies, pang!”

Today was a great day.

After pap this morning, Invisible Hands brought us a pot of noodles. 

Then, we received a call to pick up 34 cases of Purity juice. And the caps, which came with this wonderful donation. The caps I shall get to in a moment…

Thanks to your generous support we were also able to purchase some urgently needed items. x.

More will follow.

After the 100l pot of noodles, which the kids love, was done. The ladies hastily made a pot of nourishing chicken soup. This, we served towards evening.

Now the caps. Ahhh, bless those who knitted those caps! When word got out the kiddies never stopped coming…

I sat in the twilight, as the last of them, arrived excitedly at the gate. Knowingly, I enquired – “Hello -Wat soek julle nou?

To which they replied, “Sop, pang…”. “Ja man, en wat nog!?

I asked feigning impatience. “En keppies, pang!” one of them would find the courage to pipe up.

So, inside I sent them to fetch their caps while I dished up their soup. Thank you, you beautiful children for making Pang laugh so much tonight.

God bless you all for making this so enjoyable. x.

God is the Greatest