“Wat is die storie nou, my kind?”

Good evening all, A handful of the kids are really fond of their old Pang.  And, there are a few, who enjoy sharing allll the latest happenings in their little lives with me. A case in point is 7 year old, Simone ( which incidentally means “to be heard/ hear or listen”). Her demeanor whenContinue reading ““Wat is die storie nou, my kind?””

Don’t stop it coming! Bless you. x.

Good evening all, Tomorrow, is not an everyday function for us. Sunday, God Willing, will be a day of enjoyment for the children, and a memorable Women’s Day for some of the ladies from the community.  Last night, I stated how valued all your prayers, good wishes, and positivity are. We do not differentiate betweenContinue reading “Don’t stop it coming! Bless you. x.”

“We going to Hollywood..”

Good evening all, Due to the bite in the air I was informed, early morning, that my sandwich making services would no longer be required. Instead, the lunchtime menu would now be a serving of soup. So, with my usual flair ,I took to peeling. This all whist the ladies found, Lucy, some items she fancied.Continue reading ““We going to Hollywood..””