“Wat is die storie nou, my kind?”

Good evening all,

A handful of the kids are really fond of their old Pang.  And, there are a few, who enjoy sharing allll the latest happenings in their little lives with me. A case in point is 7 year old, Simone ( which incidentally means “to be heard/ hear or listen”).

Her demeanor when she darted around the corner this morning, looking around all conspiratorially, lead me to believe that I was about to receive – BREAKING NEWS -.
No one else was around so, as I filled her bowl with porridge, I raised an eyebrow and asked questioningly,

Wat is die storie nou, my kind?“.

She asked breathlessly, “Het Pang geweet my pa is in die tronk!?“.

Hu-uh, my kind! Hoekom!?“, I asked feigning absolute shock.

Want hy is ‘n skelm, Pang!”, she stated flatly and with absolute conviction.

Ja man, maar wat het hy gedoen?“, I asked whilst knocking the metal spoon against the inside of the pot to remove any excess porridge with more vigour than usual. 

In die nag het hy die boer se groente gaan steel – toe vang die boer vir hom OP DIE KAMARA!”, she stated in a way that had me believing that deep down she thought the farmer to be most clever, whilst her dad most “dom”.

Simone, is a really sharp little girl.

“My word!“, I said. And, continued, “En wat se jou ma?”.

To which she replied, “My ma se sy mis nie vir hom nie, en hy kan gerus daar bly!”.


The ladies made chicken akni for lunch which drew all and sundry. It was really top drawer. Tiny Kirsten came to the gate and I couldn’t resist giving him a size 1-2 t-shirt from, Pippa. He was too cute.

We sent some chicken chunks and chicken necks to Hanover Park, where our brother always makes sure the hungry eat. x.

May God bless us all.

Thank you as always. x.

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