Stars all of you!

Good evening all,

Pippa, had us all crying today. Schalk, from Avontuur Estate, dropped off two bags of clothing – bags of love – for our little ones. Pippa’s, beautiful gesture and the smell of all the spanking new items got me shedding a tear. The children, those that are most in need, are going to love that smell – them possessing new clothing is such a rare occurrence.

When the ladies returned from Pick ‘n Pay and saw the array all laid out it all degenerated into a beautiful bawling contest. Thank you and bless you, lovely lady. x.

Another good friend of the needy, from the beginning, Diveshen Vayapuri, sent yet another donation this afternoon. Thank you and bless you our brother. x. 

Also, another deposit of a donation was made – I’m not sure who from as the reference stated no more than the word “Sunshine” – bless you. x.

Stars all of you. x.


Fazlin, although extremely busy with her own consultancy work, is doing a wonderful job for the community. And, God Willing, I see all her tireless efforts, and bundles of e-mail correspondence paying off. Here’s an update on what she’s focusing on…

In the coming months, we hope to escalate our operations to ensure that we not only address the immediate needs of informal settlements in the Phillippi Horticultural Area (PHA), but tackle some of the deep social and economic challenges which give rise to food insecurity.

This includes skills development and the establishment of a social enterprise (centred around sewing), a media centre (with coding training being offered to the youth), and an ECD centre.

As such, we are currently developing our theory of change which will serve both as our vision, for what we seek to achieve, as well as a roadmap for that change to come.


God is Great, and I’m convinced our ladies will be guided to approach those who will be willing to assist this community. We’ve already received some very positive responses.

Breakfast, lunch and late afternoon sandwiches went just like we like it – all gone.

I’ve been working on the recipients of that wonderful clothing this evening. And these two (from the farm) – Mary and June – are definitely on the list. x.

God’s richest Blessings to you all. 

Much love. x.

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