Can I get a cupcake?

Good evening all,

Handing out four cupcakes was never a good idea. Wasn’t five minutes before a girl, after collecting her porridge, asked so sweetly, “Can I get a cupcake?”. So, we had to make up for it which we did most successfully!

We got some rolls and made a beans and polony smoortjie (I refrained from peeling all that butternut fearing for my digits. But perhaps shall try tomorrow). The rain was incessant throughout the day and kept many away.

However, that was not the case with loads of intrepid children, who braved the inclement weather to collect their treats. 

And, across the courtyard, one still remains. Notching up her fourth successive night of sleeping over, a record succession. And, for good reason too, but tonight she, God Willing, will sleep warm, safe and peacefully. Good night Mishca. x.

Goodnight all.
Thank you as always. x.

God is the Greatest. To Him belongs all the Glory and the Praise.

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