Don’t stop it coming! Bless you. x.

Good evening all,

Tomorrow, is not an everyday function for us. Sunday, God Willing, will be a day of enjoyment for the children, and a memorable Women’s Day for some of the ladies from the community. 

Last night, I stated how valued all your prayers, good wishes, and positivity are. We do not differentiate between financial and spiritual support in importance. Because as, we have mentioned before, we see the affect of the latter, daily…

This morning, just before we would have set off to purchase R500 worth of chicken for the akni, we were donated an entire sheep :).

Being a busy day with all the preparations for tomorrow, organising lunch was the last thing we had any appetite for. We settled on just making sandwiches. But at 11:00 with no prior notification, Invisible Hands, brought us a 100l pot of noodles – which feed the people for the entire day and into the night.

All your support, through God’s Good Grace, is wonderful. It is akin to a huge beautiful, wondrous, and humbling jigsaw puzzle -with all the pieces perfectly falling into place.

Don’t stop it coming! Bless you. x.

We hired some chairs and tables (unfortunately, not enough tables – an error on my behalf, but we shall make do). And purchased cold drinks for the ladies.

Rain is forecast for tomorrow, however, we shall not fret about that because it is a Mercy from the Almighty. Rain or shine it is full steam ahead!

The lists of those invited (all the children) have been compiled and completed. As of writing, our ladies, are frying burgers and preparing the meat.

Thank you all so much.

God is the Greatest.

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