“We going to Hollywood..”

Good evening all,

Due to the bite in the air I was informed, early morning, that my sandwich making services would no longer be required. Instead, the lunchtime menu would now be a serving of soup.

So, with my usual flair ,I took to peeling. This all whist the ladies found, Lucy, some items she fancied.

The awesome party packs, compliments of Hollywood Bets, arrived and with it came x100 masks. Zaid, was left grinning from ear to ear with yet more gifts. He really  has been spoilt. It all just became too exciting when he saw the Hollywood crew’s car – “It’s Hollywood Bets, Pang…“, he mouthed in wonder at the vehicle.

Overjoyed by the proceedings, he was in full “Uncle Fester” mode for the photo. Thank you Hollywood for making his day…Those same party packs made a12yr old girl cry, but they were tears of happiness. x.

She is a child you haven’t been introduced to yet, but will be on Sunday because it is after all her day. She is our 💗

I pray that just a sliver of all the joy I witnessed today can reach us all. x.

The ladies make a wonderful pot of soup.

You just have to ask the children…”Hoe is Pang se sop, kinders?“, I asked expectantly. “Baie lekker, Pang!”, they answered whilst tucking in. “Hoe lekker?” I persisted.

Obviously tired of my questioning, whilst eating, and without any prodding , they responded by other means – in a way that they knew I would most approve. 

Thank you all for everything. x.

May we all be blessed.

God is the Greatest.

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