“En keppies, pang!”

Today was a great day.

After pap this morning, Invisible Hands brought us a pot of noodles. 

Then, we received a call to pick up 34 cases of Purity juice. And the caps, which came with this wonderful donation. The caps I shall get to in a moment…

Thanks to your generous support we were also able to purchase some urgently needed items. x.

More will follow.

After the 100l pot of noodles, which the kids love, was done. The ladies hastily made a pot of nourishing chicken soup. This, we served towards evening.

Now the caps. Ahhh, bless those who knitted those caps! When word got out the kiddies never stopped coming…

I sat in the twilight, as the last of them, arrived excitedly at the gate. Knowingly, I enquired – “Hello -Wat soek julle nou?

To which they replied, “Sop, pang…”. “Ja man, en wat nog!?

I asked feigning impatience. “En keppies, pang!” one of them would find the courage to pipe up.

So, inside I sent them to fetch their caps while I dished up their soup. Thank you, you beautiful children for making Pang laugh so much tonight.

God bless you all for making this so enjoyable. x.

God is the Greatest

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